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Boost your sales by 5-20%

Surveys show that with the loyalty bonus, customers return 5-20% more often, and they also purchase for 5-20% more.*

Clipr is your digital bonus card for your customers. Now you never have to think about cardboard cards getting lost or forgotten again. Clipr gives you increased control over your loyalty program, via a snapshot of your customers’ clips and cards.

Read more about:

  • How your customers use Clipr
  • How to get my business on Clipr
  • Digital vs. analog
  • What does it cost?

* Estimatet from surveys by Bain & Co, Meyer-Waarden and Skövde University.

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This is how your customers use Clipr


With the free Clipr app your customers can easily find your business, with gps or our search function.


When purchasing goods or services, the customer scans the Clipr sign and receives a digital clip.


You set up the terms for the discount you offer.


When the customer receives the number of clips you have decided, the bonus can be redeemed via the app.

How to get started

We know you're in a hurry! So our solution is super easy to set up. You can get started in 10 minutes and if you need help, we are always ready by the phones. See step by step how to create a profile for your business below.


You start by registering your country, name, email and password. Choose your Clipr solution and payment method. Read more about the different solutions below.


Then you upload your logo and a background image, and fill in your company address.


Here you enter contact information and your website. Input the number of clips needed and the offer you want to give your customers.
For example, buy 8 coffees, get one for free.


Once your Clipr profile is up and running, you can keep track of your stats from the administration page.

Digital vs analog

Most bonus cards today are analog, and this can create difficulties.

The 3 biggest problems with analog

No. 1 

Your staff forgets to ask your customers if they have a bonus card. They may have a card, but no one reminds them.

No. 2

The customer forgets their bonus card and doesn’t get their stamps. When that happens, customers tend to give up. It is simply too much trouble and annoying.

No. 3.

Customers are on their way to earning their bonus and suddenly they can not find their card. It’s gone and they have to start over.

These 3 reasons is why you do not notice an increase in your sales. The incentive to use your loyalty program is simply too small.

The 3 Biggest Reasons to Go Digital with Clipr

No. 1 

Increased customer satisfaction.

Your customers have an easy time filling up their cards and getting their bonus.

No. 2

Increased turnover

When it’s easy for customers to register their purchases and earn bonuses, it makes them want to come back and buy more.

No. 3.

Increased overview

With our statistics, you can keep an eye on your customers’ earned clips and redeemed bonuses.

What does it cost?

Sign up today and save 70 % on the startup fee.
Normal price €135, right now only €40

Can you get Clipr in your country?

At the moment you can sign up for a Clipr account in Denmark and Sweden.
If you want to be notified when we’re opening in your country, you can send us a mail with your business informations here.

Clipr Basic

Membership of Clipr
47 Monthly
  • Starter package incl. 1 NFC sign, 1 keychain with removable NFC card and stickers.
  • Startup Fee €135

Clipr Basic Plus

Membership of Clipr
53 monthly
  • Starter package incl. 1 NFC sign, 1 keychain with removable NFC card and various stickers.
  • Startup Fee €135

You can also sign up directly in our app

Are you in doubt about something?
Call customer service at +45 53 503 506 or read frequently asked questions here.

Digitalt Bonus Card

You save the printed loyalty cards, and the environment, with our digital bonus cards. And with Clipr, customers have all the cards in one place.

It’s easy for you and them.

Limited only by your imagination

In our app, customers can see which companies in the immediate area have Clipr. So whether you are a hairdresser, café, beauty salon or shoe store, you can create growth with a loyalty scheme in your business.

You set the rules

You decide how many clips your customers need to get on your digital bonus card before they get a bonus. Decide for yourself what bonus you want to offer your customers; a product, service or discount.

Price vs turnover

Already at a turnover of only €27 a day, you have recouped the cost of Clipr.*

* Estimated from studies by Bain & Co, Meyer-Waarden and Skövde University


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Clipr app is free for all users who want to earn a bonus.

No, at Clipr you do not commit to anything, you can terminate your company profile at any time.

When creating a Clipr profile for your business, choose an agreement that you pay by card. Thereafter, deductions are made each month until termination. That’s why we’re saving your card information. However, it is not Clipr that stores information, but Stripe, which is one of the world’s leading companies for online payment. That way you know that your information is safe with us.

Read more about  Stripe here

As soon as you have registered and paid, Clipr will review your profile and help you if your profile is missing something. Subsequently, we create your NFC signs, keychains and prepare your starter kit with stickers, start instructions, etc. You should receive your starter pack from Clipr within 7-14 days.

Should you be so unlucky as to lose your sign, you should contact Clipr immediately. We will shut down your signs and make sure you get up and running again. We have additional security measures that make it difficult to use stolen signs. At Clipr, we focus on safety and security for you as a customer.

In your starter pack you get NFC signs, NFC cards and Keychain.
The sign comes with 2 types of content:

  • 1 can be used to scan directly
  • 1 informs about scanning with the staff.

That is why our starter kit is suitable for all types of companies.

Yes, Clipr has telephone support and we are happy to answer questions, both before and after you have set up as a company. We are always ready if you need help with your Clipr set up.

You can call customer support on: +45 53 503 506 

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday   9.00-15.00 (GMT+2, Copenhagen)

Any questions?
Contact us here or sign up now

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